Noble Shop

It's finally here! Though you can still purchase uniform on campus, you and your child now have the option of purchasing uniform items online thru Land's End! Please read below for more information.

Online Features:
  1. You can order whenever you like, whatever you need, and it will be shipped directly to your home.
  2. Youth sizing is available online for those who need a smaller fit than the adult sizes offered at the campus.
  3. Lands’ End offers top notch customer service by phone or email and includes a lifetime guarantee for their garments.
  4. Noble’s cost is the true cost of the item; there is no price mark-up or profit that we make on uniform items.  The website shows a slightly higher pricing for our items however Lands’ End is extending similar Noble savings for online orders in the following ways:
    1. Purchase 3 or more polos online and receive $5 off each polo ($3 off youth sized polos).
    2. Free shipping on orders over $50 (letter ‘a’ would always qualify for free shipping).
    3. Promotional windows: Lands’ End offers promotions (sales) during the year.  Parents can sign up for email alerts so they know when a promotion is being offered; the email sign-up link is on the bottom of the home page for orders (see attached). 
      Examples of these promotional sales include:

      1. 20%-30% off will be offered
      2. $30 off $100 purchase/$20 off $75 purchase
      3. Free logos

These promotions are not offered to on campus sales; these are offered online only as a way for Lands’ End to help reduce costs for parents who prefer to shop online.

Please click here for information on how to setup your account and order uniforms that will be shipped directly to your home. 

If you have any feedback about this process please reach out to Tonya Milkie, Dean of Operations.

See SPECIAL DEALS below and click the banner to start your order!

  • 40% Off all regular priced items until October 17th if you refer a friend! (promo code: FORME & Pin: 7425)