Meet Our Staff

Ashley Riggio

(2013 Winner of Teach for America's Alumni Award for Excellence in Teaching!)

Subject: 9th Grade Multicultural
Literature and English Composition
  • Senior Council Sponsor, Class of 2012
  • Network PD Facilitator with Hedgehog 2010-2011 and 2012-2013
  • University of Rochester, BA in Spanish and Psychology
  • University of Michigan, MA in Literacy, Language and Culture
Why did you choose Noble?
"They hold the fundamental belief that all students can be successful. Noble sets high expectations for students and staff, there is a warm, strict culture, a focus on support for all students, and college opportunities like Summer of a Lifetime. Noble Street is a place where I can learn from other expert teachers and benefit from a supportive administration."
What is the best thing about teaching at Noble?
"My students, of course.  Noble is a positive place to work and for students to learn and grow as scholars and as individuals. I find particular joy in seeing some of my students go from young people who claim to hate to read and are bored by grammar and writing become voracious readers who banter with me about books, find grammar errors to bring in for class discussion and come after school just to make sure their ideas in their paper are developed."

Stanley Antoine

Subject: Learning Specialist
  • 9th grade Eng/Lit, Algebra
  • 10th grade English, Algebra 2
  • Volleyball Head Coach
  • Cardinal Stricth University, BS in Elementary and Special Education
Why did you choose Noble?
"During my first visit to a Noble campus, I spoke to a student who was removed from class. The student was able to respectfully explain why he was removed from class, what were the consequences for being removed from class, and what were specific things he can do to avoid being removed from class. Later that day, the same student greeted me at his classroom door by making great eye contact, shaking my hand, asking me what brought me to Noble, and politely inviting me in. Needless to say, I was very impressed. I wanted to be a part of this world. I chose Noble because of the focus given to creating that school culture. Noble’s positive environment motivates students to meet their full potential. The school culture not only promotes high student achievement but promotes mature and professional student behavior."
What is the best thing about teaching at Noble?
"One of the best things about teaching at Noble is working with very talented and driven individuals.  I love the people I work with. Everyone supports one another and genuinely shares a common goal: student academic and behavioral growth. My colleagues are truly inspiring."

Adriana Villegas

Subject: College Counselor
  • DePaul University - bachelors degree in Elementary Education
  • Golden Apple Scholar, DePaul University
History with Noble Street College Prep:
Ms. Villegas was fortunate to have Noble’s founder, Michael Milkie as her math teacher in her senior year of high school at Wells Community Academy High School. His continuous emphasis on the importance of obtaining a college degree influenced her to pursue a college degree in education. After student teaching at Peabody Elementary, Adriana joined Noble in 2000 to positively influence the lives of others through education.

Why did you choose to teach at Noble?
“I grew up and live in the West Town community where Noble Street College Prep is located.  Teaching at Noble allows me to be a positive role model to other young adults daily.  When I was in high school, there were only a handful of teachers who encouraged and prepared students to be successful in and outside of the classroom.  I feel honored to be in a place where every teacher believes in the students’ future success.  At Noble, students know there is a purpose to their education and it is very rewarding to see them graduate from high school with goals and plans for their future.  The positive impact Noble is making in the lives of not only the students, but their families and communities makes me feel proud to be a Noble teacher.”