Meet Our Alumni


Class of 2012
College: Yale University
Major: Political science


Class of 2009
College: DePauw University
Major: Sociology major

"Noble Street provided me with an environment that encouraged a higher level of education. As a senior, I was surrounded by teachers and staff who genuinely cared for each student’s future. Knowing that I had a support system at school, I was motivated to do the best I could in order to ensure my acceptance at the university of my choice. Noble introduced me to the idea of college and gave me the opportunity to take a summer course at the University of California in Santa Barbra during “Summer of a Life Time” between my sophomore and junior year. This gave me a small glimpse of what college away from home would be like.

Attending Noble has impacted my family in ways that I cannot even explain. As a first generation college student, my parents did not know about or have the resources to help me, but Noble Street College Prep provided me with opportunities and resources that opened many doors for me. My family will be forever grateful for the love and support we have received from Noble throughout the years."


Class of 2008
College: University of Michigan
Major: Aerospace Engineering
Family: Sergio has three older sisters: Elizabeth, Leslie, and Kimberly. Leslie went to Wells Community High School where Noble's co-founder, Michael Milkie was her math teacher before he started Noble. Kimberly is also a Noble Street alum (Class of 2005).

"Noble Street College Prep has made a difference in my life by continuously providing me valuable resources throughout my academic career. Noble's willingness to offer support in any way possible is something that has changed me as a person. Without the support of Noble, I would probably not be at Michigan getting a world-class education, which I am enormously thankful for."


Class of 2009
College: Stanford University
Major: History
Family: All four of Gloria's siblings have graduated from or are attending Noble Street College Prep. Maria (Class of 2005), Hugo (Class of 2007), Sergio (Class of 2011), Alejandro (Class of 2014)

"Noble has made me believe that it is possible for inner-city students to obtain an education that prepares them for a college career.  Without the support of Noble I would not have obtained the confidence and courage necessary to attend and study at Stanford University. 

Noble has impacted my family by giving my siblings and me a high quality high school education. In addition, my parents are eternally grateful for all the support and encouragement that Noble has given their children and the visible dedication of the teachers and administrators. My family owes so much to Noble."


Class of 2008
College: Lake Forest College
Major: Politics and International Relations

"Noble impacted my future aspirations because they made it possible to receive a full scholarship to Lake Forest College where I am now double majoring in Politics and International Relations.  Being able to achieve this, I know many more doors will open for me. It not only brought me many opportunities, but also my sister who attended Noble as well.  Being the first generation to graduate from college is an achievement that Noble got my family and I through. The valuable lesson I learned  was that you need to work for what you want and nothing is impossible.  I learned that hard work is the key to success.  They showed me that college is possible."

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