Our History

Michael Milkie - Superintendent& Tonya Milkie - Dean of Operations at NSCPPast, Present, & Future

Michael and Tonya Milkie were born and raised outside Chicago, Illinois, but have made Chicago their home and have set roots like no other. Both founded Noble Street College Prep (formally known as Noble Street Charter High School) in 1999, which has expanded to an entire network of charter schools that includes 16 high school campuses. This network, known as the Noble Network, serves over 11,000 students and is expected to continue to grow giving more youth in the city the option of attending a Noble school. Having this option is great for many given that the original campus, NSCP, was created because Michael and Tonya Milkie believe that all youth, despite their ethnic or economic background, should experience a quality education that expands their future college and career options.

Michael and Tonya experienced firsthand broken school systems before starting Noble. They saw students from low-income communities leave school and have unsuccessful high school and college careers. On the other hand, they also saw students from low-income communities succeed and graduate from college, which made it clear to the Milkies that students were not the issue. The schools they attended played a role in their educational success. They thought that with outstanding teachers and strict discipline, more students would finish high school and graduate from college.

Today, the Noble Network has over 6,000 alumni, and the majority have pursued higher education and are living successful lives. The Milkies are now moved by these students who are moving forward by obtaining their college diploma, accomplishing their personal endeavors, giving back to their communities, and even coming back to work for the network. Their hope for the Noble Network is that it will continue to make an impact in the lives of the youth in the city of Chicago, so they experience the American dream of an equal education and opportunities, despite where they come from or their economic status.